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26 December 2011 @ 06:42 pm
oo2 - RECS December 12th - December 24th  

RECS December 18th - December 24th

cascades by aerialled @ pistachiosky
Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun
“We went to Paris for our honeymoon,” Zhou Mi said without too much emotion. “It was really nice. The Eiffel Tower was great. I tried to take a picture in that exact spot you were at in front of the Louvre but another tourist was taking forever taking a photo. Remember? When you did Sorry Sorry before SMTown Paris?”

The short glimpses we get into the life of Zhou Mi. spread over a long period of time, provide just enough insight to become involved in the story. The small sense of detachment you feel contributes to the stronger impact of the story, as Zhou Mi deals with life not going the way he wants it to and finding what he needed most. It’s a really nice read, as the reader follows the mistakes Zhou Mi has made, and how he has learnt to fix them.

November RECS

extracts kept tenderly by hutatsu
Zhou Mi centric (Zhou Mi, Kyuhyun)
a storyteller with no beginning or end because he only knows the contents of their wallet or the scribbled phone number they had on a napkin tucked in their back pocket.

This is a really short fic (barely 600 words), and the writing is quite minimal but it flows. The imagery is beautiful and the sentences seem carefully structured; if it hadn’t been written exactly this way, it wouldn’t have had the same effect. It’s been pulled off fantastically well for such a sparsely written fic.

calling out winter by blahnicity @ sj_shippingco
It’s cold, and Heechul’s wearing a beanie tucked over his ears just right. If Ryeowook squints he can pretend Heechul’s hair is just hidden by dark knit wool.

There's solid characterisation, first and foremost, with two characters that are often quite hard to pin down. It’s quiet and melancholic, and the bond between them is there between the lines. Not a lot happens, but it’s enough to pack a punch.

A piacere, con brio by glitterburn
“You’re here,” Ryeowook says succinctly. “You can dry up. After all, you need a bowl so you can eat like a civilised man.”

“Civilised?” Henry says, stuffing more cereal into his face until his cheeks bulge. “I’m Canadian.”

Sungmin and Hyukjae snort, which was the reaction he wanted. Ryeowook just looks at him until he withers, puts down the Cheerios, and takes the tea towel.

First off, the Henry in here is fantastic - he’s a perfect mix of awkward foreigner trying to fit in and a confident teenage kid. There’s the dynamics between Henry and Ryeowook that constantly shift during the duration of the story and the silent tension with Zhou Mi was played out well, if not explained fully. The band dynamics are quite brilliant, even if it’s not the main focus of the story, and it’s something that I adore. A very nice (long) read.

If Zhou Mi got a twitter account. (or: Why Kyuhyun didn’t want him to have one.) by thekinkykat
Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, Zhou Mi/Mitangs
Zhou Mi: (excited) They write such sweet stories! Even if they’re in English and it’s hard to read them without asking Henry for help I know that they’re love stories and usually end with both of us having sex…


Usually this style isn’t my kind of thing, it’s very difficult to get any sort of characterisation to shine through, but this is quite cute and funny and a quick little read.

Coordinate (Wherever you go, there you are) by lark @ southofreality
Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, ninja!Heechul/Han Geng & Leeteuk+Kangin, post apocalypse!au
They've stopped again, somewhere in Ohio, and the hills are slowly giving way to fields of golden grass. Based on the slanting sun and their stomachs, they've decided that it's dinnertime, and the two of them are eating soup out of a can.

I adore that it’s a little bit different. A good balance of character study and the surrounding. It’s not perfect, I’m not generally a fan of fics that transplant the members into the US but that’s only a minor personal quibble. I’m very glad I stuck with this one. I love post apocalyptic stories.

Black Is A Colour of Summer Snow by kellsung
Lonely nights are scary. Your bed is getting bigger with every passing day and curling up into a ball against emptiness doesn't seem to help much. There are heavy snowfalls this summer. It's freezing.

This type of fic isn’t usually my cup of tea, but the writer really managed to pull it off. The writing is as detatched and clinical as Ryeowook’s being protrayed and the characterisation of Ryeowook is enough to make you both pity him and get annoyed at his passiveness.

Cyanide and Happines by jpsdm
Han Geng/Heechul, Siwon/Heechul
The man had sat down on the blue plastic chairs in the waiting room, running his bloodied hands over his jeans. They were Siwon's, so what did he care if they were dirtied? He knew he should have tossed them into the trash, but he loved the way Heechul's eyes flashed with fear when he wore them.

I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of character death but this was definitely something different. It’s dark and the characters are completely warped but it still manages to remain believable to some degree, which I liked. Although there could have been some more information, there was just enough to leave you reading between the lines in some parts.