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18 December 2011 @ 05:55 pm
oo1 - RECS December 11th - December 17th  

RECS December 11th - December 17th

coffee cake, ice cream, and ten dollar wine by acridineorange
Zhou Mi/ Kyuhyun
The dorms in Korea have never been home, not like the starchy white sheets of hotel rooms where Kyuhyun would curl up next to him and moan, complaining about his gradual lack of fluency, the over-fucking-complexity of Chinese tones, the slow VPN connection hooked up to their browsers. Kyuhyun is more open in China.

The author creates a fragile relationship between Zhou Mi and Kyuhyun, one that seems hopeless to change. It's the tension between the two that hits the readers heavily, as Zhou Mi gets more invested into the relationship, it's not the same as before. The ending for this one pulls the whole story together. Where it often feels a little disjointed, it does come full circle by the end and the last two sections might as well have punched you in the gut.

against the tides by thundersquall @ paperbrushes
Eunkhyuk/Donghae, Highschool!Au
“I thought I was in love with her,” he says, when their breathing has slowed down more, and Hyukjae is lying in the narrow bed next to him, feet tucked familiarly and comfortably between Donghae’s calves.

This story elicts a light-hearted and warming feeling as you read through it, Donghae's complaining about nobody being able to understand his love being one of the reasons. The friendship between the two is demonstrated through their actions, showing how real and valuable their frienship is above anything else, but still managing to foreshadow events that will come to play into the unwritten future.

the unwinding parallel by kingdra @ prettyquills
Jongwoon doesn’t know a whole lot about romance and he doesn’t know a whole lot about ‘liking.’ He figures that it’s just one of those things that bother you for a while but will go away eventually, like stress about homework or the cold.

There's a lot of repetition used in this fic, useful for the dramatic atmosphere instilled throughout the story. Although the relationship is not developed clearly, the audience is still able to sense the changing points where impacts have the greatest effect.

night lights by fleurettyy
yesung notices ryeowook likes sweet things, as in taste but also in affection.

The relaxed atmosphere in the fic instantly puts the reader at ease as they are able to just lean back and take comfort in the relationship between Ryeowook and Yesung. It definitely gives off a warm feeling in your heart!

damage by warning by hutatsu @ clad_in_armour
Sungmin centric, Mafia!Au
R (violence)
zhou mi loses a finger. left hand, ring finger.

The rhythm of words and sentence structure are really very nice. The quick snap pace of this short piece is perfect, along with the imagery it uses, effectively pulling readers in.

Butterfly Wings and Electric Wire by petitsos
“Walk away,” Kyuhyun whispers over the wisps of cigarette smoke drifting into the sunset. “Just ask for my help. Say you want to give all this up and I’ll be here.”

Hints of obsession, the sense of danger underneath. It took a few reads to enjoy this completely but some moments stand right out.

Some Things About Kim Heechul by maknaelover12
Heechul/Jessica (Super Junior/SNSD)
It was only after a few minutes of nothing that he remembers that he's dating a girl who'd rather sleep than breathe at all.

I enjoyed Some Things About Kim Heechul for it's playfulness. Having ideals is all well and good but life and love often have different plans.

RECS December 1st - December 10th

Native Tongue by junjou_robotica @ ryoka_robotica
Zhou Mi/Sungmin
The first thing that hits Sungmin is how many people there are.

He should be used to it; he's from Seoul, but the thing about being home in Korea is that he can understand the people who are barging into him. Here, not so much.

An adorable fluffy bite sized drabble, just enough of a sweetness fill. MiMin fit these scenes really well.

neverland by akaanee
There are fine lines on the corners of his eyes even when he's stopped smiling, and they stand out even more when he's alone in his room, facing the mirror with no make up on.

As a short drabble, this hits all the important points in making its point across. Feelings are tugged towards Eeteuk's direction with every sentence that's written.

One for the Team by hererestdragons
It’s times like this that Sungmin glances across and realises that Henry is really good looking, all casual smiles and crinkled eyes and wifebeaters that manage to ride up and show a sliver of hip here, the edges of his chest there.

Between the two characters, a simple bond is formed as roommates. Their differences are easily set aside in favour of something more, bringing a smile to your face as you read.

Call My Name by carmine_pink @ luminouspetals
But the name evokes an altogether different emotion on nights when Eunhyuk is roused by the sound of Kyuhyun muttering in his sleep, sweat gleaming on his face and neck.

Don't forget to check out the other drabbles under this story, too!

Skies Shaded Black For Us by wobaozhewo
Tablo/Eunhyuk, Dystopia!AU
One of the drawbacks of hiding out in random abandoned buildings with broken windows that let shit fly in. But they've seen worse outside being chased by Enemy troopers in their black-sooted wake, kicking up the earth they've all destroyed twice over.

Brother by wobaozhewo
Henry/Amber, Dystopia!AU
“I can’t cry for you like this,” she said to the limp body before her. “Henry. If you wake up, I’ll cry for you to see. You know you’ve always wanted to see me break down like a girl.”

I chose to rec these two together on the subtle strength of the AU that drives them. There hasn't been a lot revealed, just enough to pique curiosity and I can't wait for more.

~~junjou_robotica on January 30th, 2012 11:35 pm (UTC)
hey, cheers for the rec.