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14 February 2012 @ 12:56 am
oo2 - RECS January 15th - January 31st  
We're really sorry for the delay in getting this post out, and hopefully it won't happen again. Thank you for taking the time to read through these recs, and make sure to leave a note for the authors!

RECS January 15th - January 31st

ratatouille by rubyls @ jeosul
Sungmin/Ryeowook, Henry/Ryeowook, G
“We're rats,” Henry repeated, “how do you propose we handle all those kitchen stuff the humans use?”

“We'll figure something out,” Ryeowook affirmed, “besides, don't you want to help this nice human? He gave you cheese.”

A Ratatoille crossover with Super Junior would be adorable, in its own way, and this manages it. The way that Ryeowook is very much the master of the kitchen and Leeteuk, in his brief appearances, is rather hopeless in his cheerful busy ways, is sweet and this makes for an overall nice read.

The Light and the Lens by playmehome
Kibum/Donghae, PG
Donghae always asks the most marvelous questions like, “How was your day?” or “What’s the weather like where you live?”

The one that always gets him is, “Do you still think about me?”

This is wonderfully-written and Kibum isn’t written as a stoic person with no feelings and no care for anybody else’s feelings, and nor is Donghae written as a space cadet with the mind of a ten year old. The idea of Kibum still being stuck in his past, even with his wife and a child, is an interesting place to write from, and the relationship between the younger Kibum and Donghae and the current Kibum and his wife are explored quite well.

14 Kisses With Ryeowook by coite_bodhar
Ryeowook-centric group fic, PG (lapslock)
“thanks for coming with me today,” ryeowook says over hotpot in taiwan as zhoumi settles down on his seat across from him with a sigh.

The Ryeowook in here isn’t as developed as he could be but it’s the relationships between him and each of the member’s that makes this good. The writing is overall quite good, and the descriptive pieces for each member is an interesting way of exploring the relationships.


bum bum bum bum bum bum by amillionsheep
bandfic, pg13
“Wait,” Kyuhyun’s admiration of Zhou Mi’s pedicure is interrupted. “You mean there was a budget for Mr. Simple?”

“Wait,” Sungmin’s painting of Zhou Mi’s toenails is interrupted. “Satin or matte black?”

This is the (crack) making of the Superman music video and is a very short, humourous read.

ubersexual by sunnix3
bandfic, pg13
"What's with the robe?" he asked Siwon while they quickly changed the backdrop of the set. "It's not like we've never seen you topless before."

Siwon made an odd strangled sound in the back of his throat.

Crack, again, although this time, it’s the making of Mr Simple, from concept photos to the music video. Quite amazing in the fact that it still manages to keep the characterisation of the members regularly true. Although there were minor grammatical errors and punctuation issues, it’s nothing too bad and is still a good read.

SJ Call by canttakeabreath@gulpsofoxygen
bandfic, pg13
Ryeowook raises a hand. “How about the Running Man?”

“Didn’t 2PM do that recently?”

Ryeowook shrugs. “We can do it with double the enthusiasm. Plus, we’ve never claimed to be particularly original.”

Another making-of Mr Simple with large injections of crack added.

cross the country by warmboys
Heechul/Siwon, PG13

“If I die young,” Heechul sings solemnly, “Bury me in—“
“My backyard,” Siwon finishes in the wrong key. “And the most beautiful flowers will bloom.”
The imagery is more morbid than probably he intended.

The style is very minimalistic but it manages to get into that grey area between melancholic and heartwarming. The way it shows how they’ve grown up and apart, and the dynamics between the group, is amazing and it’s a lovely read all around.

Flying Kings by canttakeabreath @ gulpsofoxygen
Heechul/Han Geng, PG13
Heechul thinks viciously that Kyuhyun has terrible skin and worse manners and should just go drown himself. “You are a shitty secretary. You are not taking my needs into consideration.”

Kyuhyun shrugs nonchalantly. “I’m just doing it to put something on my resume. I really don’t care. Will you take it or not?”

There’s quite a bit of exaggeration with the characterisation but it’s quite good and very long, as a bonus.

Ten Ways To Become Mr Simple by oneiric_dreams
Band fic, PG, Gen
RYEOWOOK DID YOU SEE THAT-read my thoughts as conveyed by the widening of my stylish kohl eyes-STOP GIGGLING- we are on stage hah serves you right if the camera catches you doing tha- yes hide behind me now, oh servile one, learn from the master of close-up shots now see there comes the blinking light again and observe as I SMILE LIKE THE WORLD IS AT MY FINGERTIPS AT THE CAMERA LENS. Hah try and beat that Leeteuk… um hyung.

Absolutely amazing. A mini-ficlet for each member during Mr Simple promotions, and ranges from absolute crackish humour (in particular: Yesung and Ryeowook) to sad (Kyuhyun and Leeteuk). They’re very amazing.

if there was a yesterday by almostkiwi
Heechul/Han Geng, PG13
A fact: you cannot change the past. Ever.

The days after Han Geng's departure, Heechul spends in limbo. He's so upset, angry, panicked, one of them, that he spends more time traveling than not.

This has a very, very interesting plot and the writing is quite detached from the story, but still manages to be very readable. It’s carefully woven and very amazing for it.

cyclothymia by minuteglass @ heartflinger
Kibum/Donghae, PG13
the first time donghae leans in too close, it's an accident, but the effect is immediate - kibum flinches away, pushing donghae's lips back with a gentle finger. "don't kiss me," kibum says almost nonchalantly.

This fic’s strengths lie in the author’s ability to convey such strong emotions with few words. In a sense, the less was shown, the more was understood, and it was really effective.

clarity by black_goose @ inkin_brushes
Siwon/Sungmin, PG
"You're the one reading the instructions," Siwon mutters, attempting the step one more time. When Sungmin doesn't say anything, either in encouragement or reprimand, he looks back. Sungmin's expression is very dark. "What?"

This is a very simple read with domesticated fluff and banter over IKEA instructions. The ending is sweet and the tone of the fic is quite realistic.

You Have the Right To Remain Silent by tokkei_12
Sungmin and Hyukjae centric, PG13, minor pairings.
The man starts to say, “Park Ju--” before his lips clamp shut and he narrows his eyes suspiciously at Hyukjae.

“Park Ju--?” Hyukjae prompts.

“The name’s…Leeteuk,” the man decides finally, leaning back in his chair.

Good writing, steady plot, humorous beginning, a complete whiplash at the end.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Burn Life’s House Down by starfair
Sungmin/Henry, PG13
Hyukjae has all of his free time taken up by Donghae because at some point Donghae claimed all of Hyukjae's attention and then forgot how to share. Then there's Kyuhyun, but he never quite learned what emotional support is and Sungmin isn't in the mood for anyone's logic at the moment. Especially the kind that comes with a side order of judgment.

It’s So Easy When You’re Evil by starfair
Siwon, Swion, SJM-centric, PG
"Wait," says Henry. "Wait, wait a minute. You have a twin?"

"Evil twin," says Swion. Usually Siwon would prefer not to label anyone as evil, but Swion enjoys setting things on fire, talking during movies, and stealing candy from babies, so Siwon thinks that maybe, this time, evil is the right word. Also, he has a goatee and that's always been a sign of evil; unpleasantness at the very least.

Both of these are by the same author and are on here because they’re both well-written. They’re not linked at all, but they’re both good reads; the former in a sweet, ‘coffee and nothing else to do’ way and the latter involves Siwon introducing his evil twin brother. They are both very good.